Our Vision

A society that respects and upholds human rights for all persons in Zambia.

Mission Statement
The Human Rights Commission as a National Human Rights Institution, seeks to contribute to the promotion of full enjoyment and protection of human rights for all people in Zambia; through advocacy and promotion of human rights, investigation and appropriate redress of human rights violations, and monitoring of compliance with human rights standards.

Value Statement
The Human Rights Commission pledges to serve its clients with impartiality, integrity, transparency and accountability while upholding virtues of independence in the discharge of its duties.

Impartiality – HRC will always endeavour to be fair and objective in the execution of its mandate;

Integrity – HRC will be anchored on virtues of truthfulness and honesty in all its dealings;

Transparency – HRC will strive to adhere to the fundamental principles of openness to scrutiny from all stakeholders especially the people it serves;

Accountability – HRC has committed itself to prudent use of the trust given to us by the public, be it in use of resources or exercising judgment on matters entrusted to it.