The Human Rights Commission (HRC) strongly condemns the killing of the wife of a police officer by suspected armed robbers yesterday in Makeni Villa, Lusaka, as the act constitutes a grave violation of the right to life of the deceased.

The Commission also condemns in the strongest terms the attack on Sergeant Billy Simwamba’s family that resulted not only in the death of his wife, but also in his wounding together with his brother who sustained multiple injuries resulting into their hospitalisation.

The deprivation of the right to life is in violation of international and regional human rights instruments as well as the Bill of Rights of the Zambian Constitution, Chapter 1 of the Laws of Zambia which guarantees the right to life under Article 12.

It is also regrettable that police officers who work tirelessly and under very difficult conditions to protect the lives and properties of other people are made to pay with the lives of their beloved ones and have their own lives endangered for carrying out such noble duty.

The Commission calls upon members of the public to rally behind the Zambia Police Service as it tracks down the three suspected armed robbers who are on the run so that they are brought to book in accordance with the law. There is need to put an end to the continuous attacks on law enforcement officers and innocent civilians.

It is also important for the communities to continue to work together with the police in community policing through long-term partnerships such as neighbourhood watch groups in order to ensure a safe and secure environment for all people to live and enjoy their rights and freedoms without fear of being attacked or robbed by individuals attempting to carry out unlawful activities.

The Commission conveys its condolences to Sergeant Billy Simwamba and the entire family of the deceased and wishes the police officer and his brother quick recovery in hospital.

[The Human Rights Commission is a National Human Rights Institution established under Article 230 of the Zambian Constitution (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2016 with an overall mandate and obligation of ensuring that the Bill of Rights is upheld and promoted]
Issued by:

Simon Mulumbi
Principal Information Officer

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