Following numerous and continued media inquiries, the Human Rights Commission (HRC/ Commission) wishes to confirm receiving a complaint letter from United Party for National Development (UPND) President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema on the alleged police shooting to death of two individuals in the names of Mr. Nsama Nsama and Mr. Joseph Kaunda on 23rd December 2020.

The Commission appreciates and welcomes the detailed letter of complaint and the pledge by the UPND to provide evidence relating to the alleged extra-judicial killings.

As the public may be aware through the press statement issued a few hours after the killings, the Commission was among the first investigative and oversight wings of Government to visit the scene of crime as part of its preliminary investigations.

Therefore, the Commission is on its own volition and in accordance with its constitutional and legislative mandate, already on the ground investigating the alleged extra-judicial killings.

The Commission is as concerned and anxious as other stakeholders such as Mr. Hichilema has demonstrated in his letter of complaint to the Commission to ensure that investigations are undertaken and concluded as soon as possible and ensure that justice is done.

However, the Commission is appealing for the indulgence and patience of the members of the public and stakeholders to allow for impartial and credible investigations into the matter.

Investigations into alleged extra-judicial killings by their nature are complex and as such, are dependent on a number of specialised agencies and experts to ensure that the findings are beyond any reasonable doubt because of the gravity of the prescribed crime and punishment.

Stakeholders and members of the public must be rest assured that as soon as investigations are concluded, the Commission will release the investigations findings as it has always done in the past.

It is the desire and obligation of the Commission to ensure that impunity in the violation of human rights is stopped by identifying and punishing the perpetrators in accordance with the law.

Issued by:

Mweelwa Muleya