The structure of the Human Rights Commission, reflecting the provisions of the Human Rights Commission Act No.39 of 1996, is composed of the Commission and the Directorate.

a) Commission

HRC comprises seven (7) Commissioners who are appointed by the President subject to ratification by the National Assembly. They serve a three year period subject to renewal. The Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson are appointed from the seven Commissioners.

b) Secretariat

The Secretariat is headed by the Director who is assisted by the Deputy Director 

The Commission has the following departments:

(i) Information, Education and Training

(ii) Investigations and Legal Services

(iii) Research and Planning

The commission has the following sections:

(i) Human Resource and Administration

(ii) Finance and Accounting

The commission also has the following Units:

(i) Procurement and Supplies

(ii) Internal Audit

(iii) Monitoring and Evaluation

Further, HRC has set up the Office of the Commissioner for Children focused specifically on promotion and protection children’s rights.