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    Access to Education

    Posted Jul 14, 2012

    The Human Rights Commission is pleased with Government’s move to abolish examination fees for Grade 9. The Commission believes that the scrapping of the fees for Grade 9 learners will particularly benefit poor and vulnerable families in the rural areas. The Commission wishes to encourage the Government to continue pursuing and implementing progressive polices such as universal access to basic education and all rights that go towards the wholesome development of children.

    The Commission takes this opportunity to call on Government to evaluate the performance of the entire education sector, especially at primary and secondary levels. There is need for serious steps to be taken to address all pertinent issues affecting the education sector such as the welfare of teachers, availability of teaching materials and general access to education by children. The Ministry of Education, apart from addressing issues of accessibility should also pay particular attention to the quality of education being offered in Zambia’s schools.

    It is important that schools educate children as opposed to simply coaching children on how to tackle and pass examinations. There is more to educating a child than just passing examinations.

    Enoch Mulembe